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Mehmet Hassan Killers Convicted, Shocking Video Tells the Story

Mehmet <span id="more-11349"></span>Hassan Killers Convicted, Shocking Video Tells the Story

Mehmet Hassan had no indisputable fact that Leonie Granger, entering the casino with him here as seen on surveillance video, will be their death trap.

Three people had been found responsible of killing Mehmet Hassan, a expert gambler who had been killed in their London home back in March 2014.

The murder happened after Hassan had been lured in by a woman he knew as ‘Rachel,’ who then allowed two other men access to their flat, where he had been killed.

But ‘Rachel’ was actually 25-year-old Leonie Granger, who came across Hassan in a Mayfair casino shortly before his murder.

In the of the killing, Hassan took Granger to the Palm Beach Casino and gave her money to gamble with night. Then they traveled back again to Hassan’s Islington flat.

Granger Set Robbery Plot in Movement

But Hassan was unaware that Granger ended up being actually working with her boyfriend, Kyrron Jackson, and his friend, Nicholas Chandler, setting a plot up. She made certain that the duo gained use of the flat before she left.

The two men then tied up Hassan before brutally kicking him to death. Then they tore through his home looking for the amount of money they considered to be stashed in the apartment, as he was known to keep cash in his house, as opposed to depositing it into a bank account.

Eventually, they found the cash. a video on Granger’s mobile phone showed the three defendants playing with numerous £50 ($74) bills, stuffing them into their pants and throwing them around an area, also one pretending to alleviate himself on bills spread across the floor of the flat.

Prosecutors say the video was made after Hassan’s death, while the defense claimed it was actually made four months earlier and was unrelated to the case.

But jurors were convinced that the three defendants were in charge of Hassan’s death, and all three were found guilty. Jackson and Chandler were convicted of murder, while Granger was found guilty of this lower charge of manslaughter for her role in the criminal activity.

As soon as the verdicts were delivered, Chandler started to swear and lash out within the courtroom, forcing safety officers to remove him from the court. Granger admitted to being section of an idea to rob Hassan, but stated she had no role that is direct the murder, which may have led to her smaller conviction.

Jackson, Chandler Had History of Violent Criminal Activity

This is not the time that is first Jackson and Chandler was included in violent crimes. In January and February of 2014, the set have been tangled up in two robberies that are armed A south Kensington casino. In each of those full cases, victims had been tied up and the males carried guns throughout the robberies.

Mehmet Hassan took Granger, who introduced under a different title, to gamble on his dime at London’s Palm Beach Casino Club. (Image: PA)

Hassan ended up being a member that is revered of London live casino gambling scene, and was thought to regularly play poker at the Palm Beach Casino Club.

‘He was a wonderful warm man…and he’d gamble on anything,’ Hendon Mob founder Ross Boatman told the London Evening Standard after his death. ‘He loved to gamble and, win or lose, it never affected him. He was always smiling, constantly upbeat.’

Jackson and Chandler were also convicted on fees of robbery, conspiracy to imprison that is falsely as well as other charges. Following the verdicts were read, Judge William Kennedy told the defendants them to face severe punishments for their crimes that he expected.

‘You will return here for sentence on 28 April,’ Kennedy said tuesday. ‘I think you face very significant [time] and immediate custody.’

IOC Adopts Sports Betting Integrity Proposals

The IOC will implement recommendations that are new help combat corruption and match-fixing. (Image: IOC)

The Global Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to adopt several new proposals to guard the integrity of Olympic sporting events after the first ever meeting of the International Forum for Sports Integrity (IFSI) in Lausanne on Monday.

The newest initiatives will cover numerous areas of the sports world, including several that are centered on the activities industry that is betting.

Often, industry groups resist increased scrutiny and oversight, but that doesn’t seem to be issue in this instance.

Most regulated sports betting operations are in favor of protecting the integrity of games by any means feasible, as it protects their businesses as much as it helps the IOC, other activities organizations, players and fans.

For example, the European Sports Security Association (ESSA) has stated before it starts that they will be happy to work with the IOC to help stop match fixing.

‘we have been happy we could be part of this effort,’ ESSA Chairman Mike O’Kane stated. ‘These measures are a important milestone in the drive by sporting bodies while the regulated betting industry to keep sport clean and protect consumers, regulated betting operators and athletes from unscrupulous activities.’

Hotline to Allow for Anonymous Tips

One of the major initiatives from the IOC will be a whistleblower hotline which will enable people to report feasible match-fixing or other corruption to the IOC.

The hotline, which depends online, will offer complete anonymity to anybody who would like to use it, from users regarding the public to athletes, coaches or referees.

At the IFSI, governments worldwide were also strongly encouraged to sign about the Council of Europe’s convention against match-fixing, which ensures that neighborhood and national laws allow for cooperation with criminal investigations into match-fixing operations and properly punish practices that threaten the integrity of sporting competitions.

‘When it comes down to the battle against manipulation and related corruption, sport requires the help and cooperation of governments and authorities that are governmental other stakeholders much a lot more than in every other area,’ said IOC President Thomas Bach.

The IOC is not taking every one of the responsibility for preventing match-fixing issues in sports worldwide, however. The organization says that FIFA and (in Europe) UEFA should be the go-to businesses for whistleblowers who wish to combat match-fixing in soccer.

And when it comes down to performance enhancing drugs, people with information should contact national organizations regarding the World Anti-Doping Agency.

No ‘Test’ for Match-Fixing

According to Bach, the hotline that is new necessary because it is much more challenging to detect when a contest could be fixed in comparison with sniffing out cheaters who’re using unlawful substances.

‘You can’t detect match-fixing and corruption by firmly taking a bloodstream test,’ Bach stated. ‘we need the assistance and help of governments and police authorities who possess a lot more power and many other things information and more possibilities than sport can have.’

O’Kane agreed with that evaluation, saying that education, partnerships therefore the effective exchange of information is central to how both the ESSA and the IOC want to protect the integrity of activities.

‘Credit should go towards the IOC for continuing to include all responsible stakeholders in its integrity discussions once the best and way that is only be effective in this area,’ O’Kane stated. ‘As responsible, regulated betting operators we want to share data on match-fixing and all countries should ratify the Council of Europe Convention, which will allow operators to fairly share confidential data in a protected environment with established national platforms.’

California Online Poker Committee Hearings Due Before End of April

Ca will hold hearings on the internet poker question this month, it is there any hope for regulation unless Pechanga has an alteration of heart? (Image:

California is likely to get joint Senate and Assembly on line poker committee hearings before May 1, which is the due date for policy committees to hear fiscal bills.

That means hearings are most likely to happen later on this month, assisted along by the actual fact that sponsors of the latest two ‘shell’ bills, Senator Isadore Hall and Assemblyman Adam Gray, are chairs of Senate and Assembly Government Organization committees.

‘Nothing is finalized or approved, however the seats of each committee are thinking about holding a couple of joint hearings that are informational the problem so all the new people of each and every committee have better comprehension of the complexities of Internet gambling,’ Senate GO Committee Director Art Terzakis said this week.

Terzakis had been unable to say just what the agenda associated with the hearing would look like and that would be testifying, explaining ‘it’s too early for that.’

In fact, he believes the first hearing may be ‘just an overview of gambling in Ca.’

Insufficient Consensus

Not surprisingly tiny shift into the right direction, the passage through of an internet poker bill in 2015 continues to be an unlikely prospect; a recent report by Morgan Stanley said it foresaw no states opting to manage in 2015, though it thought that California, along side Pennsylvania, New York and Illinois, would achieve this in the ‘next few years.’

At the heart of the issue in California could be the intransigence of the various stakeholders that are different the language of the bills. Along side Hall and Gray’s shell bills, which presently contain no language to speak of, two other bills have been introduced this legislative session.

Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s AB9 would permit only tribal operators and card rooms to make an application for internet poker licenses, while Assemblyman Reginald Jones-Sawyer’s AB167 would include the state’s racetracks.

Gatto’s bill, meanwhile, includes strict bad star language which would bar an operator like PokerStars from entering the market, while the Jones-Sawyer bill is much softer in its bad actor stance compared to the bill he presented this past year, and appears to leave the door ajar for PokerStars.

Broadly, the stakeholders are split up into two camps: the Pechanga coalition that is tribal that is against bad actors as well as the racetracks, and the Morongo tribal coalition, which is available to both.

Pechanga Might Derail Process

Pechanga has suggested it remains steadfast on its position towards the racetracks that it might be prepared to reach a compromise on the PokerStars question, if the tribes are able to cooperate together in the market with the online poker giant, but.

The issue of the racetracks remains a big sticking point while this might be considered progress, at least in one direction. Because the legalization of online poker would impact tax policy in California, it would want a two-thirds majority to be passed by the legislature, which probably means that it would want agreement from all parties.

The racing that is pari-mutual, meanwhile, has stated it would oppose legislation that excluded it and Governor Jerry Brown has stated he would not sign such legislation into law. Unless Pechanga changes its mind, then, on-line poker will not be legalized in Ca in 2010.

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