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Weight 0.04 lbs
Dimensions 4.92 × 0.98 × 0.79 cm


Sundance Spas Adapter MiniDin Ribbon/Cable 6000-362

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  • Weight:1.00 LBS
  • MPN:6000-362
  • SKU:6000-362

The Sundance Spas Adapter MiniDin Ribbon 6000-362 is a replacement part designed for use in Sundance brand hot tubs, spas, and other recreational water systems. It is an adapter that allows you to connect different components within your system, such as a control panel or a circuit board. The adapter features a MiniDin ribbon cable design, which is a compact and durable type of connector commonly used in electronic equipment. It is easy to install and allows for a secure and reliable connection between different components in your hot tub or spa. Overall, the Sundance Spas Adapter MiniDin Ribbon is a useful accessory that can help you maintain and repair your hot tub or spa system.

Sundance® & Jacuzzi® 6000-362 Light Adapter Mini DIN With Ribbon Cable


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