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Sundance® Spas / Jacuzzi®  Flow Switch 6560-852
Sundance® Spas / Jacuzzi®  Flow Switch 6560-852
Sundance® Spas / Jacuzzi®  Flow Switch 6560-852
Sundance® Spas / Jacuzzi®  Flow Switch 6560-852

Sundance® Spas / Jacuzzi® Flow Switch 6560-852


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  • Used on 850 Sundance Spas upto 05/1999, 2000 to 2004 Portofino series spas, 2005 North American 850E and 780 Lagunas Models, 2006 Caprio, Metro and Solo, 2007 Metro and Solo, 2008 to 03/2017 Dover
  • Comes with tee fitting
  • Tee fitting has directional flow arrows
  • Harwil flow switch
  • 2 stake connectors

Flow switch with tee fitting.
  • Replaces the Harwil Q-12DS, Q-12DS50 with ½” threads
  • Rated at: 50 Watt Max. Resistive, 10 Watt Inductive (Coil) 120-240 VAC. 5-28 VDC 0.5A DC Switching. 2.5 DC Steady State
  • Does not come with cables
  • ¾” slip x slip T with ½” threaded reducer for ½” threaded flow switch
  • Standard spade terminals
  • Can be removed out of the T fitting and installed in existing T fitting on spas with ½” threads

6660-165, 22/2 stranded jacketed cable purchased separately.

Product Details

Used for the following models:


    • All Sundance 800/850 Models using the 6500-301 Bypass Heater, up to 5/1999
    • 780 Dover, 2008+
    • Metro and Solo, 2007
    • Caprio, Metro and Solo, 2006
    • 850E and 780 Lagunas Models, 2005
    • All Portofino Models, 2000-2004


    • J-315, 2004+
    • J-325, 2004
    • J-310, 2002-2003


    • The connectors on the Flow Switch are attached to a circuit board wire harness. There are other sensor wires connected there. Including the following sensors.
      • Jumper interlock wire, Flow Switch, High Limit sensor, and Temp sensor
      • Remove the pin connector from the board.
        • To remove a sensor or switch wire from the sensor harness connector, insert a paper clip into the slot corresponding with the wire to be removed. This will depress the pin tine, allowing the wire to be pulled from the harness connector.
    • Important! When reinstalling the sensor or switch wire back into the sensor harness connector, make sure the pin tine is lifted (approx. 1/32″) prior to inserting the wire. This will ensure the sensor wire locks into the harness connector. Do not over bend the pin tine or it may break off.


    • A defective flow switch will cause a “Flashing Flo” or “Solid Flo” on the Control Panel Icon.
      • “Solid Flo” is the Flow Switch
      • “Flashing Flo” could be:
        • Flow Switch, Circulation Pump (clogged or defective), or Dirty Filter