Sundance® Spas / Jacuzzi® Smart Heater Assembly Replacement 6500-310


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Sundance Spas 6500-310 Smart Heater Assembly, 240V/5.5 kW.  Titanium heater element.

  • Sundance® Spas Heater Assembly for all 850 880 Series Spas. 2000-2015

    240 Volt 5500 Watts.  

    Replacement heater is OEM but does not have “Sundance Spas” printed on side. Sundance only printed their logo on the heater for a few years.

    Use in the following Sundance Spas:

    • All 2000-2004 Sundance 850 Series Models: Maxxus, Optima, Cameo, Majesta, Altamar, Marin, Capri

    • All 2005 Sundance 850/880 Series Models: Maxxus, Optima, Cameo, Majesta, Altamar, Marin, Capri

    • All 2006-2015 Sundance 880 Series Models: Maxxus, Optima, Cameo, Majesta, Altamar, Marin, Capri, Aspen

  •  All 2000-2015 Sundance 880 850 North American 60 Hz Models. Includes High limit thermo disc (6000-093).

    DOES NOT COME WITH 6600-168, high limit sensor. These come as COMPLETE UNITS ONLY.

    Sundance Spas does not offer just the elements, housings or O-rings.

    Used for the following models :


    All 2006-2015 Sundance 880 North American 60 Hz Models.


    All 2005 Sundance 880/850 North American 60 Hz Models.


    All 2000-2004 Sundance 850/Portofino North American 60 Hz Models.

    Note regarding spas built 1/2000- June 12, 2000:
    When first introduced in 2000, they had a small pc board that was in the back of the heater. After June 12, 2000 the pc board was no longer used. This part is no longer available and do not connect to new heater.

    Plastic Smart Heaters (6500-310 240V/5.5 kW, 6500-315 230V/2.7 kW, 6500-316 230V/5.5kW) have a slightly smaller
    dry well. When installing these heaters into spas manufactured prior to April 2007, you can no longer use the OEM
    Hi-Limit Sensor since it is too large to fit into the new heater’s sensor well. We never recommend forcing a hi-limit
    sensor into or drilling out a sensor well for any reason since this practice can damage the heater and result
    in leaks. For this reason, we recommend replacing both the Smart Heater and Hi-Limit sensor (6600-168) as a set.

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