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Weight 0.18 lbs


Maximum Operating Voltage

10 V



Condition New

Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer Jaro CC0603XR105JT10PR Cap, 1Uf, 10V, QTY 4000

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Used for a variety of applications, such as powering up electric motors, air conditioning units, and other high-voltage appliances. The capacitor stores electrical energy and delivers it to the motor or appliance to help it start up quickly and efficiently. It’s an essential component for many electrical systems and can help extend the lifespan of the motor or appliance it powers.

These motor start capacitors are dry, electrolytic, non-polarized types for intermittent duty in AC motor starting circuits. The round cases are made of moisture and oil resistant molded phenolic resin or plastic. They have standard dual blade terminals.

Cap, 1Uf, 10V, 5%, X7R, 0603

QTY 4000


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