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Techno-tek Full-Alpha

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Weight 0.40 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm


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100/pcs of Cembre RF-M6 Lug Red With Eye Hole Screw AWG 22-16

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AWG 22-16

RF-M6, Cembre, 0.25 – 1.5mm², Red, PVC Insulated, Ring Terminal, Funnel Entry.

RF-M6, 0.25 – 1.5sqmm, Red, PVC Insulated, Ring Terminal 6.4mm diameter stud, ring diameter 9.39mm, available in multiple cable entry sizes and colour coding. By Cembre

RF-M6, PVC insulated ring connector crimps. The unique funnel shaped PVC sleeve guarantees total insertion of the conductor strands into the terminal barrel, creating a secure and reliable electrical and mechanical connection. The internal surface of the barrel is rifled to improve contact with conductor strands when crimped and to increase tensile strength. Operating temperature: -20 to 80°C..