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Techno-tek Full-Alpha

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Weight 0,18 lbs


Fuse Type


Condition New

SCHMERSAL Limit Switch ZV12H 235-11Z-M20

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General data



EN ISO 13849-1

IEC 60947-5-1

Housing construction form

Norm construction design

Actuator type to DIN EN 50047


Enclosure material

Zinc die-cast, paint finish

Material of the contacts, electrical


Lever material

Metal film

Roller material


Gross weight

205 g

General data – Features

Safety functions


Number of auxiliary contacts


Number of safety contacts


Safety classification


EN ISO 13849-1

Mission time

20 Year(s)

Safety classification – Safety outputs

B10D Normally-closed contact (NC)

20,000,000 Operations

Mechanical data

Actuating element

Roller lever

Mechanical life, minimum

20,000,000 Operations

Actuating speed, minimum

687 mm/min

Actuating speed, maximum

1 m/s

Note (Actuating speed)

Actuating speed with actuating angle 30° to switch axis

Actuating torque, minimum

0.2 Nm

Positive break torque

0.2 Nm

Mechanical data – Connection technique


Screw terminals M20 x 1.5

Cable section, minimum

0.75 mm²

Cable section, maximum

2.5 mm²

Note (Cable section)

All indications including the conductor ferrules.

Mechanical data – Dimensions

Length of sensor

46 mm

Width of sensor

30 mm

Height of sensor

110.5 mm

Ambient conditions

Degree of protection



Ambient temperature, minimum

-30 °C

Ambient temperature, maximum

+80 °C

Ambient conditions – Insulation values

Rated insulation voltage Ui

500 V

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp

6 kV

Electrical data

Thermal test current

10 A

Required rated short-circuit current to EN 60947-5-1

1,000 A

Utilisation category AC-15

230 VAC

Utilisation category AC-15

4 A

Utilisation category DC-13

24 VDC

Utilisation category DC-13

1 A

Switching element

NO contact, NC contact

Switching principle

Snap switch element

Bounce duration, maximum

3 ms

Switching frequency

5,000 /h

Switchover time, maximum

5.5 ms