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Techno-tek Full-Alpha

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Dimensions 4.39 × 4.9 × 10.82 cm


Silginnes Pool Cover Anchors Concrete and Pavers Deck 10 Pack – Universal Size Fits 3/4" Hole – Best for Pool Safety Cover Installation – Durable Brass Pool Cover Anchors and Head Screw Bolts


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Keep your inground pool winter cover safely in place with Durable Brass Pool Cover Anchors 10-Pack For Concrete and Pavers Deck! 10-Pack includes 20 pieces of in-ground anchors and 10 head screw bolts. All the parts are made of durable brass that won’t rust even in heavy rain. Keep your pool area safe even with windy conditions! Silginnes heavy-duty pool cover anchors are designed to hold in place even in a storm. Our Pool Cover Anchors are universal size and fit all of the major brands. Anchors are size 1-5/8″ long and fits for a 3/4″ hole and designed for either concrete or pavers deck. Super easy installation without any extra tool needed. Simply remove the old anchors or drill a 3/4″ hole to the concrete or paver deck, clean the hole of any remains, lightly tap the pool cover anchor into the hole and screw the head screw inserts back in. We monitor carefully the manufacturing process of Silginnes Pool Cover Anchors and provide a full warranty – no questions asked.