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Binder-USA 31-5235-300-000 Female power connector low profile housing PUR 3m

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Binder-USA 31-5235-300-000 Female power connector low profile housing PUR 3m 


Conductor material PUR
Cable length 3.00 m
Content 1 pc(s)
Total number of pins 4 + PE
Colour Black
IP rating <div class="explanation-text inline" data-title="IP rating" data-explanation="International protection (IP) ratings apply to appliances and devices that are not safe to be operated in some environmental conditions.

The first digit states the level of intrusion protection, the second digit refers to moisture protection. The third and fourth digit detailing additional protection may be omitted. If the first or second digit is not used, it is replaced with an x.

The most common ratings are

IP44: Protected against solid particles sized >1mm, and against splashing of water.
IP54: Dust-protected. Also protected against water jets.
IP67: Dust tight and protected against immersion.

Full details available in our Home & Garden/Lighting section.” style=”box-sizing: border-box; display: inline-block;”>

Leading contact (PE) Yes
Connection Screws
Type A planar
Standard DIN
Manufacturer part # 31 5235 300 000
Type 31 5235 300 000
Nominal voltage 230 V
Number of pins 4
Cable Ø 6 mm
Cable cross section 0.75 mm²
Max. temperature 85 °C
Min. temperature -25 °C