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Techno-tek Full-Alpha

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Weight 4.41 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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Continental HY-T wedge Torque Team 5VX760 Matchmaker SC

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HY-T Wedge, with its narrow cross-section, makes it possible to achieve a required horsepower with fewer HY-T Wedge belts than with standard V-belts, reducing sheave size, sheave costs and belt costs even more. Since less power is required to run the smaller, lighter drives, more power gets to the load. Therefore, you may be able to downsize drive motors and/or increase drive efficiency for even more savings. HY-T®Wedge envelope belts are identified with a 3V, 5V or 8V prefix and are recommended for drives where pulsation, shock loads, high tension and long centers are involved.

GENUINE OEM – Please refer to the images!


  • Reduce maintenance
  • Reduced drive cost
  • Reduced drive weight
  • Temperature range: Wrapped -30 F to 165 F ; Raw Edge -40 F to 230 F
  • MatchMaker
  • Static conductive
  • Conditionally resistant to oil