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Sporlan Solder Moisture/Liquid Indicator 7/8" ODF SA-17S

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The Sporlan Type See-All moisture liquid indicator combines two functions of moisture and liquid indication into a single economical product. The indicator is a porous filter paper that is sensitive to moisture. A green dark color indicates the refrigerant is dry. A yellow color indicates the refrigerant is wet. The indicator is formulated so that it changes color at the moisture levels generally accepted as the safe operating range. Also, one can see through the sight glass to determine refrigerant is at the proper level in the liquid line to feed the expansion device. Each valve is factory tested to ensure positive leak-free performance.

UPC: 687472181033


Key Features and Benefits:

  • One indicator for all refrigerants
  • Reliable and accurately calibrated color change
  • Replaceable indicator element
  • Indicator protected from discoloration and dirt
  • Color changes are easily distinguished and reversible
  • Large full view of sight glass
  • Disassembly for installation is unnecessary
  • Design working pressure for the See-Alls is 650 psi (44.8 bar),