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Techno-tek Full-Alpha

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Supco SIG102 Round Hot Surface Ignitor Silicone Carbide


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Exact replacement hot surface igniters
Superior gas lighting ability
Lower power consumption
18 gauge copper high temperature fiberglass insulated lead wires
Supco® round igniters offer an efficient , stronger, reliable hot surface Silicon Carbide design
Faster time to temperature response
Stronger more durable design
More robust in transit
Higher resistance to oxidation
Longer usable life

Exact replacement silicon carbide round igniter. Features: Exact replacement hot surface igniters. Superior gas lighting ability. Lower power consumption. 18 gauge copper high temperature fiberglass insulated lead wires. Supco round igniters offer an efficient, stronger, reliable hot surface Silicon Carbide design. Faster time to temperature response. Stronger more durable design. More robust in transit. Higher resistance to oxidation. Longer usable life. Specifications: Cold Resistance: 10-100 Ohms @ 75 deg F +/- 10 deg F. Amperage: 4 amps @ 132 VAC maximum. Voltage: 120 VAC. Time to temperature (1800 deg F): less than 17 seconds at 120VAC. Applications: Furnaces, Boilers, Water heaters, Unit heaters, Pool heaters. Replaces: Olson Industries 20834, Nordyne RH62286892ICP 100-9980, Grimsby Stove ZCO-035, Goodman 10735002, Evcon 14740511, DMO Industries 20834, Coleman 1474-511, Claire C238, Amana 10735002.