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Thermoelectric Spring Return 3/4" 2 Way-angle ME1707 , VE261-34N-EPA4.5-1707

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Spartan Compact Thermoelectric Actuator Reverse Acting 2 Wire Spring Return N/C



Spartan ME1707 Compact Thermoelectric Spring Return Actuator.
24V Reverse Acting Normally closed, stem down.

Spartan’s thermoelectric actuators utilize a highly refined wax filled element with piston/stem and patented packless elastomer seal. They are silent, extremely compact, inherently fail safe and can operate on hot and cold water, and low pressure steam to 15PSI. A PTC (positive-temperature-coefficient) semi-conductive disc is both temperature control and heat source, inherently controlling at 90ºC (194ºF).The wax is chemically refined to melt at 70ºC (158ºF). The element expands in direct proportion to the amount of wax melted, driving the stem through its travel to open the valve. No other travel or thermostatic switches are required. Life expectancy is
therefore in multiple decades and unconditionally guaranteed by Spartan Peripheral Devices for 5 years.

These actuators can be installed on a multitude of Spartan 2 way & 3 way terminal unit control valve bodies with different types of connections. Choose from V240, V241, V243, V245, V246-12F, V243-12I, V320, V321, V323, V325, V420 series of zone valve bodies.
Technical Data
Operating voltage:24VAC/DC +20%…-10%,2W,50/60Hz
Max.inrush current:< 300 mA during max.2 min.
Operating power:8mA for 230V,85mA for 24V
Stroke (actuator travel):4.5 mm
Running time:to open or close is 210 seconds
Actuating force:100 N ±5%
Switching current for ME1707S/ME1727S micro switch:230VAC,5A
Switching point of ME1707S/ME1727S micro switch: NC approx.2 mm
Fluid temperature:0 to +100°C
Storage temperature:-25 °C to +60°C
Ambient temperature:maximum 60°C
Cable length: 1 m
Weight with connecting cable (1 m): approx.150 g
Surge protection according to:EN 60730-1 min.2.5 kV
Degree / class of protection:IP 54
CE conformity according to:EN 60730
Power supply:Class II as per UL/CSA
Conforms to ROHS