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Techno-tek Full-Alpha

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Notes You will receive what is shown in the Images. This product is Open Box and in excellent condition 9.5/10. Not in original Packaging.

TKING Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier D-C-C1R for Adults (Right Ear)

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 Open Box and in excellent condition 9.5/10. Not in original Packaging.

  • 3 Programs : 1-Normal ; 2-High Frequency Compensation ; 3-Low Frequency Compensation
  • Automatic Feedback Compression DFS System , Monitor Whistle Freuqency Piont and Instant Remove it . Good for Take Mobile Phone
  • Intelligent Noise Reduction System , Detect and Recognize the Noise Wave, Change the Gain of the Channel Where the Noise is Located, Make Normal Speed More Clearly
  • Ultra-Low Machine Itself Background Noise , and Ultralight Weight Body You Don’t Even Feel Wearing It
  • Buttom VC : Adjust Volume Control to Adaptive Different Enviroments ,3 Earplugs — Full 3 Size Eraplugs Make it More Fit and Comfortable to Ear Canal
  • Comfort Threshold Control ; Automatic Gain Control-Output for Hearing Protection, No Need to Suffer from Sudden Loud Noise Anymore